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Account Information
Account Name: Isadoriana
Rank: Dragon.Council
Website Member Since: 9/16/07 5:56pm
Date Last Accessed Site: 8/30/17 4:48pm
Isadoriana 96 Draenei Shaman
Riice 77 Draenei Shaman
Peligrie 76 Worgen Warlock
Lotustalla 50 Draenei Monk
Isadoriana's Blog Posts
Blog Summary
5/13/08 11:12am
Blizzcon 2007 Photos
11/13/07 3:09pm
Patch Update notes 2.3.0
10/31/07 12:32pm
All about Epics
10/26/07 10:23am
Loot Table for Magtheridon
10/26/07 10:21am
Loot Table for Lurker in SSC
10/22/07 2:33pm
Gruul's Lair Loot table
10/22/07 9:26am
Kara Gear Loot Table
10/2/07 2:25pm
Karazhan videos
10/1/07 2:12pm
Information on getting Heroic Keys
9/27/07 12:26pm
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