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Mains for WoD

Mains for WoD
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Please list what character you want to me your main in Warlords: List your class and spec(s).

Primevalus - Druid

Gonna level my mage (Filtered) first. Frost for now, may change eventually. Who knows.

Sorry, not sorry. I have resting bitch face.
Gonna stick with being a Master of the Brew lol

Koyomi - Monk Brewmaster

I have many other 90's though if needed. Glad to be here!
Arendale as holy

Structure breeds consistency, consistency breeds success.
Gonna stick with Nomari - Shadow as my main
I will go with resto-ele sham named Totedan
ima take jaldissin and feral dps
I'm still a Guy & do at least mediocre shadow dps.


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