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Blackhand and other information

Blackhand and other information
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First off, for those that are unaware, Prime is gracious enough to log and upload all of our raids to Warcraftlogs and AskMrRobot.

Enclosed in these are a number of different tools that can be used to assist in your raiding. They show not only dps/hps stats, but damage taken, what the damage was taken by, buff uptime, etc etc etc. Basically, if you are looking for a data point, it's there.

This report specifically from Warcraftlogs encompasses all of our attempts Tuesday Night on Blackhand. It shows in essence where our issues are. All of the avoidable damage sources are listed along with who took damage from it. It shows potion usage (everyone should be pre-potting and then potting again at appropriate time). It lists out in detail where we failed.

Everyone should be looking at this information. This is the stuff that makes you a better raider. I know we are not Hardcore Mythic Raiders and I don't expect us to be, but I for one want to be a better Raider. Come be a better Raider with me?

- Red / Kanibal

Wizards First Rule - People are Stupid. They will belive anything either because they want it to be true or they are afraid it's true. Zeddicus Zul Zorander - First Wizard

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