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Patch 6.2

Patch 6.2
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Well, it's official. Patch 6.2 arrives June 23rd: Fury of Hellfire.

There are some interesting changes coming in Patch 6.2. See the 6.2 Patch Notes and the Introduction to Tanaan Jungle.
  • You can build a shipyard at your Level 3 Garrison. You will then be able to build ships and start naval missions similar to garrison missions. These require a new currency: Oil, which can be obtained from the Apexis dailies at your outpost in the Tanaan Jungle. See How Ships Work.
  • Tanaan Jungle opens up. When you arrive in Tanaan Jungle via ship for the first time, you will want to make your way to Lion's Watch and establish your foothold there (and be sure to pick up the flight path!).
  • Hellfire Citadel opens with 13 new raid bosses. Loot is 675 LFR, 690 Normal, 705 Heroic and 720 Mythic (though it varies by wing). With 6.2 there are changes to the Personal Loot System which apply to older raids as well. For bonus rolls there is a new seal - Seal of Inevitable Fate which you can acquire from Fate-Twister Seress in Stormshield. Like the current seals, you will only be able to acquire 3 per week to a maximum of 10.
  • Mythic Dungeons - New level of dungeons with a chance at 685 and 700 loot.
  • Crafted gear and weapons can be increased to stage 5 and to stage 6. There are new profession tokens like Mighty Burnished Essence for Stage 5 and Savage Burnished Essence for Stage 6. The recipes for the tokens are learned from garrison traders. "Mighty" (stage 5) tokens increase gear from 685 to 700 or weapons from 675 to 690. "Savage" (stage 6) tokens increase gear from 700 to 715 or weapons from 690 to 705. Older tokens like Greater Burnished Essence and Powerful Burnished Essence have been consolidated into just Burnished Essence. Each Burnished Essence will increase Leatherworking items by 15 levels. If you have existing "Greater" or "Powerful" tokens, you can click on the token to convert it to the new lower-level token and recover the excess crafting materials. The material costs to craft stage 4 gear and weapons has been reduced. For example, you can craft a 685 plate helm from scratch for 310 Truesteel Ingots, 45 Sorcerous Earth and 45 Savage Blood.
  • There's a new crafting material, Felblight, which is obtained in Tanaan Jungle from mining, herb gathering, fishing (schools only) and skinning. (And you thought it was safe to get rid of your gathering professions!). From what I've read, you won't be able to trade Primal Spirits for Felblight. "Mighty" tokens generally require 30 Felblight, 175 crafting mats and 30 Sorcerous mats. "Savage" tokens generally require 60 Felblight, 350 crafting mats and 60 Sorcerous mats. To compensate for the increased requirements for crafting mats and Sorcerous mats, the output from each work order and each daily cooldown has been doubled. Rumor has it that World Boss Kazzak (47.1, 21.8) drops 5-13 felblight per weekly kill. I'm on a Korean server so I can't really test this.
  • Jewelcrafting is different in that, in order to discover the first recipe for the new +75 gems, you will need to complete a quest chain beginning at Aktar's Post (near the Ruins of Kra'nak) in the Tanaan Jungle. Subsequent recipes are harder to obtain and it currently costs 15 felblight to make one gem. Note that you don't actually learn the recipes; you have to return to Aktar's Post and instruct the mechanical to make them from your mats.
  • As for Apexis gear, the vendors in Stormshield now sell the original Apexis gear for gold rather than Apexis crystals (up to 20,000 gold for 675 gear). There is also a vendor in Lion's Watch who sells level 650 "Baleful" gear for 5000 Apexis crystals. You can then "empower" the Baleful gear for another 20,000 Apexis crystals which raises the item level to 695. You can also make a 695 weapon but the initial baleful weapon costs 10,000 Apexis crystals. The baleful gear can also drop off of elite bosses in the Tanaan Jungle.
  • The Legendary Quest Chain continues with 3 new quests (so far) which lead to a 735 ring. Thereafter you will be able to upgrade the ring three levels at a time up to level 795 using Power Infusion.
  • Timewalking Dungeons - a chance to visit old dungeons and still earn useful gear.
  • There are three new factions: Hand of the Prophet, Order of the Awakened, and The Saberstalkers. These will be like MoP with dailies to acquire rep. In particular, since the Hand of the Prophet Quartermaster sells the Battleship Blueprints at honored, I would concentrate on those dailies which can be picked up at Lion's Watch. And, if you are a Jewelcrafter, you will want to gain rep with the Order of the Awakened in order to be able to make the Immaculate Multistrike Taladite.

What can you do to prepare for 6.2?
  • Get your Garrison to level 3 if you haven't already so that you can construct your shipyard. This is critical as without the shipyard you won't be able pick up the quest chains in the Tanaan Jungle and you will miss out on like 90% of the patch content.
  • Max out your Garrison Resources as shipbuilding requires a modest amount to build and rebuild ships.
  • I'd also save up your Apexis Crystals, especially on your alts, as the new 695 Apexis gear and weapons are better that what you will get for running your alts through the new LFRs. You could also run the Apexis dailies before 6.2 comes out. The current cap of 60000 goes away in 6.2.
  • You might want to hang onto your Primal Spirits as the prices for crafting reagents available from the Primal Spirit Vendor are reduced by about 50% currently on the PTR.
  • If you gave up one of your gathering professions you could relearn it in order to acquire Felblight once the patch is released. As a test I relearned mining and I was able to mine in Tanaan Jungle starting from scratch and found the first Felblight at a skill level of 43.
  • The good news is everyone can learn fishing and you can get Felblight from Felmouth Frenzy schools in Tanaan at a very low skill level (like 30). The bad news is that the competition will be fierce as everyone will be fishing at these schools.
  • If you have equipped all of your characters with three crafted pieces of gear or weapons and raised them all to stage 4, I would try to accumulate the crafting materials that you will need for stages 5 & 6. Since the new recipes won't require Savage Blood, you could consider selling your excess Savage Blood on the auction house now and buy Sorcerous Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
  • They have announced that flying in Draenor will become available in a subsequent patch. This will be linked to the achievement Draenor Pathfinder which you can start working on now. Fortunately you only need the achievement on one character.

Good videos. Thanks Prime!
Hellfire Citadel Raid Schedule

The first three bosses in raid finder will be: Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, and Kormrok. We may follow this sequence on normal or heroic. Assuming that's the case, here are some videos and guides:

Hellfire Assault Fatboss video and Icy veins strategy guide.

Iron Reaver Fatboss video and Icy veins strategy guide.

Kormrok Fatboss video and Icy veins strategy guide.

BTW: Ask Mr. Robot has been updated for patch 6.2 so it's a good resource for how best to spend your bonus rolls in HFC and your Apexis crystals.

Don't forget to pick up the new Seals of Inevitable Fate before the raid!
I don't know how accurate this is, but here are the dps ratings for various classes using the new tier 18 heroic gear.

As a combat rogue, all I can say OUCH!

Here are some bugs that I'm aware of that weren't fixed in the last build (20157) for Patch 6.2 on the PTR. I hope they will have fixed some of these by Tuesday (check the build number), but I kind of doubt it (in order of decreasing importance):
  1. If you have a buff on you from a flask like the Greater Draenic Agility Flask and you ride up the hill from your shipyard towards your garrison, the buff disappears when you reach The Cursed Woods and doesn't come back. Hearthing to your garrison also removes the buff so I don't know if there is any way around this problem.
  2. The followers that you have assigned to buildings are often missing from the building. You will still get the "follower bonus" from crafting but you won't be able to pick up things like the Blessing of the Forge.
  3. Achievements were missing for Master Treasure Hunter (100) and Grand Master Treasure Hunter (200). This may affect the Draenor Pathfinder achievement which will eventually enable flying in Draenor.
  4. The Adventure Guide shows what I believe to be the wrong loot table for the new world boss Supreme Lord Kazzak. It shows 705 loot on normal; I believe that should be 695 based on what I saw in the forums. It also shows higher levels of loot for Heroic & Mythic which doesn't make much sense for a world boss (we should try forming a group for Mythic and see what happens?!).
  5. Auto loot doesn't always empty the work order crates at your shops, especially if you have a lot of work orders ready and if you have used rush orders.
  6. Hunters will see the message "<hunter pet name> has reached [Level 100]!" every time they ride from the garrison down to the shipyard.
  7. Each time you finish building a new ship, a debug statement pops up.
There were also several bugs associated with building your shipyard and the first quests for sending your ships on naval missions. I haven't been able to retest these but hopefully they are fixed. Some of the most serious bugs were that you couldn't build additional transport ships and the naval mission table didn't have any new missions.

Ok, I'm pleasantly surprised (and a little confused). The PTR was updated Tuesday before the live realms were up and a lot of these bugs were still there. This is surprising since the build numbers for the PTR and the live realms were the same.

The good news is that all seem to be fixed on live with the exceptions of Auto loot and the loot table for Karrak. World boss Karrak does drop 705 loot but the loot table still shows better loot for heroic and mythic.

Hellfire Citadel

Wing 2:

Hellfire High Council: Fatboss

Killrogg: Fatboss

Gorefiend: Fatboss

Wing 3:

Shadow-Lord Iskar: Fatboss

Socrethar the Eternal: Fatboss

Tyrant Velhari: Fatboss

Wing 4:

Fel Lord Zakuun: Fatboss

Xhul’horac: Fatboss

Mannoroth: Fatboss

Wing 5:

Archimonde: Fatboss

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