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Alternative Guild Website?

Alternative Guild Website?
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I've been messing around with a guild web site. Currently free but paid options available. Perhaps a new site would help with usability and forum participation. Let me know what you think.


Got a basic but good looking theme and set up ranks, forums, and the side bars. I haven't customized recruitment. Feel free to register for the site if you wish and I can invite you if you send me your email and desired display name in a private message.

BTW, if any of you made the "dragonarmy" page on this site, let me know
also, a quick way to get in would be to just apply.
Checked it out, looks pretty good to me

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Hi Prime - the new site looks pretty cool. Let me know if you are going to transfer to it. I still have the domain and pay for this one, which I can continue doing or would be willing to take care of a new site if that is the preference.
Thanks. I need to update the news. It's still a work in progress and I wanted to know what you thought about starting with a fresh site. I don't want to make a change like that on my own without approval from other council members. If we decide to make it our official site, I'm happy to maintain and possibly upgrade it.
Sorry everyone. I missed the renewal. Paid now.
Thanks for the renewal. I do still like the forum system of this site, and would like to try and restore it and make it useful, now that we are experiencing attendance issues and cancelled raids.

Tomorrow (Oct 4, 2015), I will try to go through and make sure the roster is current and characters are associated with the right accounts. I will also put up test posts. I want to make sure people can successfully register and view posts and events. I do have some admin privileges but I'm not sure if there are any things the main admins can do that I can't. Also, I don't know how to change or add main news posts on the front page. I'll also take a look at the application.

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