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Preparing for Patch 7.2

Preparing for Patch 7.2
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Patch 7.2 will arrive March 28, 2017. There are a few things you can do to prepare:
  • Save up your class order hall resources because you will need at least 50,000 25,000. Two new levels have been added to the order hall advancement. The first requires 10,000 order resources and requires one day to complete. The second requires 15,000 order resources and takes five days to complete.

    Before you can start the first order hall advancement, however, you will need to complete the Champions of Legionfall quest which is the seventh in a series of 15 quest chains leading to the Breaching the Tomb achievement. To get started on these quests, you are given a scenario quest (Assault on Broken Shore) as soon as you log onto 7.2 for the first time. The scenario quest will take you to the Broken Shore and will give you a flight point there.

    The first order hall advancement gives you a choice between having a new troop type to aid your followers or to raise the number of active followers by one. (There is also a Broken Shore Class Campaign, where you will pick up another follower and that will also raise your total number of active followers by one). If you think you will choose to raise the number of followers, you might want to reactivate a follower before the patch and get him up to 850.

    The second order hall advancement is called Legionfall United which has a chance of doubling the artifact power you receive from world quests or missions.

    Other important quests available at Deliverance Point on the Broken Shore: "The Council's Call" and "Seeking Lost Knowledge". Completing The Council's Call, which is specific to your class, will revamp the traits on your artifact. You will be refunded most of the artifact power that you applied to the "sink" that increases your damage in .5% increments and you will then be able to reapply the AP to any traits that were 3/3 and which now become 3/4.

    Completing Seeking Lost Knowledge will allow you to start new artifact research beyond 25 so you will need another 500 order resources for each of those.
  • You will be able to earn an additional 10,000 bonus rep with each faction beyond exalted. This will earn you a mount and a chest of some kind from each faction. Unfortunately you cannot use any existing reputation tokens from 7.1.5 beyond exalted.
  • You will be able to upgrade your followers to item level 900 but the armor upgrades from 7.1.5 will only work up to 850 so don't bother stockpiling those. With 7.2, there will be new armor upgrades available from class hall missions or the armor vendor in your class hall.

    Your followers will also be able to gain another 200,000 XP and earn "Titled quality" which opens up a third equipment slot for them.
  • Stock up on Obliterum and Blood of Sargeras so that you can upgrade your crafted gear. Crafted gear can be upgraded to a maximum item level of 875, up from 865 in patch 7.1.5. Each 5 level upgrade will require one Obliterum and two Blood of Sargeras.

    With 7.2, newly crafted gear will start out at item level 835 so it will take 8 Obliterum to upgrade to 875. Any existing 815 crafted gear can be upgraded to 840 with the first application of Obliterum so those too will require 8 Obliterum to reach 875.

    Leatherworkers, Blacksmiths and Tailors will be able to craft item level 940 BoE legendaries in 7.2: leather feet, mail hands, plate waist and cloth shoulders. You can buy these patterns from the appropriate trainer in Dalaran if you're at 800 skill level. Some of the reagents for this gear may require a quest chain to acquire so I would pick up the patterns as soon as 7.2 hits (currently tailors have to go to SW to pick up their legendary pattern). Note that while these may or may be useful on your main since they've decided not to raise the limit of two equipped legendaries in 7.2, they may be useful on your alts since they only require level 101 to equip unlike other Legion 815/835 crafted gear which requires level 110. These crafted legendaries all come with three gem slots so they might replace a legendary on your main.

  • See also Wowhead's guide.
Looks fun!


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