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Rise of Azshara

Rise of Azshara
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Patch 8.2 introduces the Rise of Azshara. It's currently up on the PTR and it has been announced that it will go live on June 25, 2019. This is a major release with two new zones: Mechagon and Nazjatar. See the official patch notes.

The Heart of Azeroth has been enhanced with the introduction of Essences. Artifact power was capped at level 50 during 8.1.5 but you will be able to increase your Heart of Azeroth to at least level 65 once patch 8.2 is active. It would appear that the benefits of raising the level are limited to opening up additional minor slots for essences and some small stamina increases. With the exception of the last slot, the slots in the new item level 430 and 445 Azerite gear seem to be capped at level 43.

Mechagon includes a new faction: Rustbolt Resistance and Nazjatar has two new factions: Waveblade Ankoan
(Alliance) and The Unshackled (Horde). Click on the links to see what the Quartermasters have to offer. Gaining revered reputation with two of these factions is necessary for Pathfinder Part Two.

There is a new currency associated with Nazjatar: Prismatic Manapearls. This currency can be used to buy Benthic Gear. This gear starts at level 385 but it can be upgraded using Prismatic Manapearls up to level 425. There are 9 different generic Benthic gear tokens which can be purchased for 5 Prismatic Manapearls each and these are bind-on-account.

There is a 400 trinket Pocket-Sized Computation Device which can be earned in Mechagon.

On July 9, a new raid will become available: Azshara's Eternal Palace. Currently, on the PTR, the gear that drops is shown to be 400+ (RF), 415+ (normal), 430+ (heroic) and 445+ (mythic).

Also on July 9th a new dungeon, Operation: Mechagon will become available. This is a mythic-only dungeon with 8 bosses. The drops will include add-ons to empower your Mechagon Trinket.

Profession changes in 8.2.

All Battle for Azeroth professions will have their skill cap raised from 150 to 175. With Patch 8.2 going live on June 25th, be sure to visit the Darkmoon Faire the week of July 7th and complete the quests there to increase your major and minor professions by +5.

All of the new profession skills in Rise of Azshara rely on new materials (except for Enchanting at this time). With the exception of Spare Parts and Ionized Minnows (cooking ingredients found only in Mechagon), the new materials are only found in Nazjatar. See the Wowhead article for more details on professions.

For your major professions, if you are already at 150, all of you existing patterns will have greyed out so you will have to visit a trainer to learn new patterns in order to further advance your profession. Currently on the PTR, the profession trainers in Boralus don't have the new patterns, but hopefully this will be changed. If not, there are trainers at Mezzamere in Nazjatar (38, 53.5) that have the new patterns.

One good thing about the new patterns (unless they "fix" it) is that none of the new patterns require materials from dungeons or raids. What this means is if, for example, you have an Engineering or a Jewelcrafting alt which you normally don't run through mythics or raids, they will be able to make some nice BoP gear which they can use. Engineers can make 415, 430 and 445 BoP Azerite helms and Jewelcrafters can make 410, 425 and 440 BoP rings with sockets (unique equipped). Also Alchemists will be able to make 410, 425 and 440 BoP Trinkets with sockets. As for Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers and Tailors, they can each make two pieces of 410, 425 and 440 BoP gear and they all come with a socket. As for Scribes, they don't have any new BoP equipment, but they will be able to make four different 400 BoE trinkets which are better than any other crafted BoE gear.

It's likely that the new Osmenite Ore is going to be in high demand as it is used by Blacksmiths, Engineers and Jewelcrafters.

One thing you can stock up on in preparation for the patch release is Epulsom as both the new BoE and BoP gear require a fair amount of it.

Update: OK, well they did manage to screw it up. What they did was require that you obtain various levels of "Abyssal Focus" before you can craft the 410-440 BoP gear. This starts with picking up a "Broken Power Core" in Nazjatar at 38.1, 36.9. Turning in the power core leads to the quest "An Abyssal Opportunity" offered by Instructor Ulooaka in Mezzamere. This quest requires you to obtain 15 Abyssal Shards which can be purchased from Artisan Okata (also in Mezzamere) for 5 Prismatic Manapearls each.

What this means is that you have a choice of acquiring and upgrading Benthic gear using Manapearls or spending 75 Manapearls on this quest. Note that it takes a total of 190 Manapearls to upgrade a single piece of non-azerite gear from 385 to 425.

Completing An Abyssal Opportunity creates a "Restored Abyssal Focus" at 37.49, 53.35. Standing next to this allows you to craft the 410 gear.

Completing this quest leads to another quest "The Eternal Palace: We Can Make It Stronger". This is where they brought back some raid requirements. For this quest you need to "collect 20 Eternal Ornaments from the most powerful creatures of the Eternal Palace". We'll have to wait for the Eternal Palace raid to start before this can be tested. It may not be too bad if the Eternal Ornaments can be collected by running Raid Finder (but don't hold your breath).

Completing this quest should create an "Empowered Abyssal Focus" so that you can craft the level 425 gear. You learn these patterns after crafting the 410 gear.

From what I've read, there is a similar quest requiring 200 Ethernal Ornaments to create a "Radiating Abyssal Focus" so that you can craft the level 440 gear.

Other useful items and consumables from professions:


A new Abyssal Healing Potion which is 4 times better than the current Costal Healing Potion.
New flasks such as Greater Flask of the Currents which is about 50% better than the current flasks.
There is the new Greater Mystical Cauldron which holds the new flasks.
New battle potions like Superior Battle Potion of Agility. These are 35% better than the current battle potions used to pre-pot.
New combat potions like Potion of Unbridled Fury


Water-walking: Inflatable Mount Shoes
New Mount: Monelite Reinforced Chassis


New Large Meals such as: Mech-Dowel's "Big Mech". These are about 33% better than the current large meals.
New Feast: Famine Evaluator and Snack Table. 31% better than the current Bountiful Captain's Feast.


Ring Enchants like: Accord of Critical Strike. These are 50% better than the current ring enchants.
New Weapon Enchants like: Force Multiplier.
Mount Equipment: Light-Step Hoofplates.


A new Bling: Blingtron 7000
Toys: Wormhole Generator - Kul Tiras, Wormhole Generator - Zandalar
New mount: Super-Charged Engine
Tools of the Trade, such as: Ub3r-Module: P.O.G.O.


New contracts: Contract: Rustbolt Resistance and Contract: Ankoan.
New Vantus Rune: Vantus Rune: The Eternal Palace.
New Glyphs: Glyph of Steaming Fury, Glyph of the Cold Waves and Glyph of the Dark Depths.


New Gems such as: Deadly Lava Lazuli. These gems are 50% better than the current gems.
Also: Leviathan's Eye of Agility. These gems are 50% better than the current Kraken's Eyes.


New Mount equipment: Comfortable Rider's Barding.
Miscellaneous: Dredged Leather Bladder. (Used by Blacksmiths).


Mount Equipment: Seabreeze Saddle Blanket. (Used by Leatherworkers).
Also: Saddlechute.

Getting ready:
  • Empty your bags. You will pick up a lot of stuff (junk?) especially in Mechagon.
  • Stock up on Innkeeper food like Tiragarde Sharp.
  • If you still need some low-level Azerite gear from the Titan Residuum vendor, buy it before July 9th. Once season 3 starts, the Titan Residuum vendor will only sell 415-445 gear. While the price of generic level 415 gear remains the same (1,725 Titan Residuum), the 430 gear sells for 9,000 TR and the 445 gear sells for 47,500 TR.
  • Similarly, if you have any low-level Azerite gear that you are planning on scrapping, do so before the start of season 3. Scrapping Azerite gear below level 400 will no longer yield any Titan Residuum.
  • If your Heart of Azeroth is capped at level 50, consider hanging on to your Paragon Chests and only opening them when patch 8.2 goes live. Each chest should give you 2500 AP which would otherwise go to waste. Update: They just changed it so that the AP is no longer within the chest but it's awarded when you pick up the chest. So the best thing to do is to stack your rep for each faction up to 19,999 and turn it in when 8.2 goes live.
  • If you have an Alchemist, make the new Abyssal Healing Potions. You will need them as the fights in the new zones can be fairly challenging, much more so than in Kul Tiras or Zandalar.

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