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Accounts & Character Toons

Accounts & Character Toons
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Hello all. This is a reminder to make sure that I know what toon's go to which Accounts. If you currently have an Account with no toons linked to it or you've made a toon seperate from your Account and they aren't linked...please post up and let me know what your Account name is and what characters that you have so that they can be linked. I can't tell who you are if your account name is "XYZ" and your ingame character name is "Zerofever". I'd have no way of knowing that.

So take a peek at your Account information and see if you have characters assigned to it-- so that you get DKP accurately assigned as well and post up if you are missing toons on your account.

If I log into my account and I named my account "XYZ" but my character name is Zerofever and it's not listed under my account---it's not tagged so post up and tell me: Account Name and Toon Name(s).


p.s. (and yes...the two hot chicks fighting at the top was to get your attention so that you'd read this post...and it worked!! I hope).
p.s.s. Put the picture at the bottom instead!

I wasnt able to read the text under that picture, It is hard not to look at the picture, its more fun than the words.

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Good point. Moved it to the BOTTOM of the text so maybe a word or two will get by. "Character & Account" at the very least.
I like the picture too.

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Combined information from another thread.


Please note- if you are trying to get your character approved on the web site here are a few things you should know.
  • Your Account will have to be approved before you will be able to make a character on the site. This helps keep some gold spam issues that we had in the past to a minimum on the site. Please be sure you're account name is the same as your in-game name so that I can make the appropriate approvals.
  • If you're applying to the guild, but not yet actually in it, any character or account will not be approved for our web site until and unless you are approved for a guild invite. Generally the only "non-members" on our site are friends of our guild and not members that we do not know.
  • If you are a character that I don't recognize, I won't approve your character. If you are in the guild and I've missed seeing you in guild, post HERE and let me know who you are and you will be approved and moved to a Member status. Once I've approved the character based on who you are- I'll delete the request in the forum to keep the posts down to a minimum for the thread.
  • If you are a Member already and are trying to approve a character that you've added to the guild separate from your initial registration- please go to your Account details and add your character there. There is no need for separate logins for all of your characters. If you are not clear on how to add characters to your Account, post up for further instructions.

My apologies if I've denied and deleted your registration- if I've done that, it's because I don't recognize you yet. Please be sure to post up and re-register if you are truly new to the guild and hadn't before posted for access.

Thank you.


/bumping thread.

Keep up the good work

To new guild Members:
Please keep in mind that if you're in the guild and don't have forum Member access yet, to please kindly post up so that I know I've missed you.

If you have recently posted an Application and are awaiting a response, I will not be approving the Account or elevating Member access until and unless you're a Member of the guild.

I've added a small section to the Character section that lets you post about what your Main spec and Offspec is for each of your characters (assuming you have chosen to use both specs).

Just updating this thread with the new information.

If you already have a Character and want to add this information to your record:

If you want to go back and add this information to an existing character that you've made, click on your Character under your Account and scroll down under the 'Professions' area. It will say "Edit". Click on that, and you'll be able to see the field where you can add the new information in. Anything as simple as "Resto / Elemental", "Destruction/Demon", "Prot/Ret" will work.


Otherwise, when you make a new Character under your Account, it will be the last peice before you Save the Character to your Account.

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Wow! Nice work. I updated mine already.

I see a bunch of new Accounts requesting access to the website and I will check them over later today.

TIP: If anyone is requesting access to the site so that they can Apply- that's not necessary. You can Apply without having to Register on the site first.

If the name Registered for an Account on the site does not match an ingame name already in DA-- I will be rejecting the Registration. If you've submitted an Application and are waiting to hear back- as long as your ingame name on the Application & your ingame name on the Registration are the same, I won't delete the Registration- I'll wait until there is a decision one way or the other.

Please be sure to sign up & Register on the site with an ingame name if you're already in DA or have been approved for Membership.

Thank you.


"If we ever get a dog and cat, they should be named "Come-on" and "Goddammit", so that when you yell "Come on, Goddammit!" you'll be surrounded by their love." -Locklear (paraphrased)

"You navigate like a blind chick." -Locklear

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