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Blizzard breaks up erotic Warcraft guild

Blizzard breaks up erotic Warcraft guild
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September 20, 2007 10:00 AM

"WoW guild, Abhorrent Taboo, has been forcibly disbanded by the game's creator, Blizzard. According to The Register:

The guild [...] on WoW's Ravenholdt server, attracted gamers through its participation in Erotic Roleplay (ERP). In the case of massive multiplayer online games, this usually involves grinding avatars together to simulate sexual encounters and erotically-charged text chatting. In large, exposure to unsolicited ERP is extremely limited and is something WoW users generally tolerate, although with a fair amount of skittishness and deprecating chuckles, as kinks often are.

What concerned Blizzard was the mention of 'ageplay' in the guild's welcome post. Although Abhorrent Taboo insisted that its members had to be 18 or over, the notion of even simulated paedophilia in the WoW universe was deemed unacceptable.

It raises the question, once again, about how responsible the provider of a virtual world can be for the activities that take place in its domain. Does it natually follow that a game developer should become a censor, and how far should companies be held accountable for the actions of their customers?"

Source: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/games/archives/2007/09/20/blizzard_breaks_up_erotic_warcraft_guild.html

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