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WoW lvling guides by Emma Martin

WoW lvling guides by Emma Martin
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World of Warcraft Alliance Leveling Guides - Team iDemise and Zygor 1-70 Alliance Guides
Emma Martin
September 24, 2007

"Thereís been a surfeit of leveling guides for World of Warcraft hitting the market recently and there are two in particular that I think are worth taking a look at, one is from famed competition team Team iDemise and the other is from Zygor guides.

For a long time the only guide on the market worth having was Brian Koppís leveling guide, but with the introduction of these two guides this year, Koppís guide is actually starting to look a little tired. Itís still a solid leveling guide in terms of its step-by-step instructions, but itís Map Mod isnít very interesting and the lay-out of the instructions leave a lot to be desired Ė especially in comparison to these two new guides. Both of the 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guides from Team iDemise and Zygor feature excellent map mods that make using their guides in-game a lot easier and quicker.

The Team iDemise map mod, in particular, will even help increase your leveling speed because you are able to use it to follow their guide completely in-game. You donít need to alt-tab back and forth between game and guide and you donít need to hop off to Thottbott to follow the instructions for each quest. All of the information you need is contained on your map with step-by-step instructions for what you need to do next.

In addition, I also prefer the pdf version of the Team iDemise Alliance Guide to Brian Koppís guide just because it has a pleasing design. It is very easy to read and features illustrations throughout and conversational step-by-step instructions. It basically has a bit of personality, something I find missing from most guides which just offer a very dry ďdo this quest here, turn this quest in hereĒ approach.

The Zygor 1-70 Alliance Guide also has an excellent map mod. Zygor uses the Cartographer map mod with an exclusive database created just for the Zygor guide. Unlike the iDemise guide, Zygorís still requires that you have the pdf file opened in the background, so youíll need to do some alt-tabbing between windows, but for each quest youíll have complete and very detailed instructions within the game, right there on your map.

The Zygor Alliance guide itself is a well laid out pdf file. It isnít quite as pretty as the iDemise guide, but it flows very well and covers everything you need to do completely with simple, plain instructions. Right now, it is also less expensive than the Team iDemise guide so if budget is a consideration, you may want to keep that in mind.

Ultimately, I think which guide you choose to get is going to come down to your preference on the map mods, so take a look at both the Zygor leveling guide and the Team iDemise Alliance guide and grab the one that visually appeals to you the most. They both offer rock solid and fast 1-70 leveling instructions for Alliance faction."

Emma Martin is an avid gamer who reviews every strategy guide she can get her hands on, particularly for World of Warcraft.

Source: http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=38434

Her site recommendations:


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